Three Cheers for the St. Rose School Class of 2023!

Uniquely gifted with hearts of gold, the St. Rose School Class of 2023 leaves a lasting mark in our halls and on our hearts. Whether they joined in Preschool, Kindergarten or later these students were bonded through their memorable experiences at St. Rose School. Working together under the guidance of Art teacher Mrs. Ferriter they created a mural of St. Rose of Lima in the entry hallway of the school. They received recognition for their academic and service related accomplishments and many received scholarships reflective of their contributions. They will be missed but know that these halls will always be a home. May God bless and guide these students as they set off on their high school journey.

Image shows the 8th grade students from the Class of 2023 in blue and white gowns, tossing their mortar board caps in the air