Returning Family Registration 2023–2024


Registration for returning families begins December 15th, 2023, with an enrollment fee of $150.  Starting January 21st, the day of our Open House, enrollment will be open to the general public. If you have not registrered by January 20th, we cannot guarantee a spot for you.


We are aware of the financial commitment that tuition places on many families. In response to this, the Diocese of Bridgeport offers tuition assistance through the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund. The application process opens February 1st, 2024. Please apply promptly, as no applications will be accepted past the March 15th deadline. St. Rose School has some tuition aid available as well, but only for families who have applied first for the Bishop’s Scholarship Fund. 


Please visit to fill out your application and submit supporting documentation. You must be fully registered for the new school year before you can access this site.


Steps to Re-enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year:

1. On Friday, December 15th, you will receive an email with a link to login to your SchoolAdmin account to begin the re-enrollment process. On this date, the tuition agreement will be added to your online portal.

2. Complete the tuition agreement and contract and all other checklist items to complete your re-enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year. This will include selecting your tuition plan and paying your registration fee in your FACTS account.

3. If you wish to help bridge the tuition gap with an optional tax deductible payment of $2667 per student, you will have the opportunity once you log in to your FACTS account.

If you have any questions about re-enrollment, please contact Mrs. Crystal Mok, or 203-426-5102 (ext 5). You may direct technical questions about the online re-enrollment process to Mrs. Katelyn Doane at Our bookkeeper, Mr. Larry Rice, can assist you with your FACTS account, or 203-426-5102 (ext. 27). 

Bishop's Scholarship Fund

Applications open February 1st and close March 15th for current families and April 15th for new familes. Please visit the website for the fund for details.

Important Registration Dates/Deadlines:

  • Friday,  December 15th   
    • Current Family Registration Opens in SchoolAdmin. Registration between 12/15/23 and 1/20/24 - $150.00 per family
    • Registration after January 21st - $250 per family  
  • Saturday, Jan 20th       
    • Deadline  Current Family Registration. Payment $150.00
  • Sunday, Jan 21st       
    • Registration Opens and Applications available to new families
    • Registration for current families increase. Payment is $250.00
    • You risk losing your child’s spot in their class after this date.
  • Thursday, Feb 1st       
    • Bishop Scholarship Fund Applications open
  • Friday, Mar 15th       
    • Bishop Scholarship Fund Deadline for current families
  • Monday, Apr 15th       
    • Bishop Scholarship Fund Deadline for new families