Grades K-8

St. Rose of Lima School, 2009 National Blue Ribbon School,  offers a rigorous academic curriculum, which is flexible to meet the varying learning abilities of students, and affords every student the opportunity to nurture each their unique learning potential. Accredited by NEASC  (New England Association of Schools and Colleges): we use innovative practices and technology across our curriculum, which provides students, at every grade level, with lifelong skills that will be used beyond their years at St. Rose.


One of the major innovations we have embraced is the use of “personalized blended learning”. Personalized learning affords teachers the ability to coach students to gradually assume responsibility for their own learning and development. Traditional teacher-led instruction, peer collaboration, and individual learning are brought together in this flexible learning environment to help students realize their maximum potential. Innovation zones provide an environment which is built around a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum with focused activities including robotics, coding, design, visual and digital media, and engineering. Computer Adaptive Learning Platforms provide a personalized learning path, tailored to each learner’s needs, and students can learn at their own pace. This also provides a means for teachers to monitor progress, and make informed instructional decisions.

Edmentum Exact Path provides the platform for diagnostic assessment at the beginning, middle, and end of the school year. The data is used to create the individualized learning path for each student; as well as information that teachers use to create skill-based groupings and provide individualized instruction. In addition, St. Rose uses the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA), as a benchmark assessment three times throughout the school year. This tool measures a student’s reading accuracy and his/her reading comprehension level and shows a child’s reading growth over time. It provides information about the student’s reading level and, most important, what it is our students need to do to improve reading skills and behaviors. IOWA Basic Skills and CogAT tests are conducted and analyzed at the end of each school year.

The Diocese of Bridgeport Catholic Schools curriculum standards demonstrate how our Catholic schools exceed the expectations set forth by state standards. The curriculum standards are developed and updated through the Office of the Superintendent of Schools (OSS). Religion curriculum standards are formulated by the OSS in consultation with a committee of educators and approved by the Bishop. These standards serve as the foundation for curriculum development on the school level. The curriculum for students in kindergarten through eighth grade includes language arts, religion, grade- and advanced-level math (Pre-Algebra, Advanced Pre-Algebra and Algebra), social studies, technology and features weekly classes in physical education, art and music. Students at St. Rose learn cursive handwriting, a skill not available in most schools today.

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