Summer Academics

After reflecting over summer work that has been distributed in the past; and observing student performance during the school year, we have decided to take a different approach to "summer work" this year. As a faculty, we are in agreement that all students in a grade level do not need the exact same practice over the summer to keep skills current and ready themselves to begin a new grade level. We have IXL available to us and this program offers a Summer Hub where students can practice skills from the previous school year, and also boost those skills by working with skills they will apply in the upcoming year. This allows a more individualized/personalized practice experience for each child;' much more beneficial, less frustrating for some, and less "boring" for others. There are no packets to hand in; simply have your child work in IXL. You will be able to see their progress, and awards the program gives for their work. Teachers have access to the rosters for their students and will be able to see what skills were practiced over the summer.

Please consult Mrs. B's Student Life Update from June to see screenshots and some details on logging in and finding your way through the program. I hope you will find these helpful.

In addition to IXL, teachers have distributed Reading Logs, as reading 20-30 minutes a day is highly recommended. Also, check with local bookstores and your town library. They have programs to encourage reading and many have incentives for reading.

Journaling/letter or postcard writing is also a great summer activity. Written communication to family and friends is a treasured gift (and we would love to get postcards to display on our hallway bulletin boards). Use those phones, and cameras to take summer fun pictures, and to snap interesting sites from your trips. We'd love these too.

Finally, students in grades 1-5 should practice basic math facts and fact families. Addition/Subtraction for grades 1-5 and multiplication for grades 3-5. These foundational skills have great impact on your child's math experience. Not mastering facts can cause great frustration and errors in computation, as well as slow down work as they learn other concepts. A little practice with math facts goes a long way.

Most importantly, we hope you have safe travels, get much needed relaxation, and have fun making memories with your child.

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Summer Activities at St. Rose

Team DIG

We are teaming up with Team DIG to bring 7 weeks of summer camp to St. Rose School.

All children entering grades Pre-K through 6 may attend, regardless of which school they attend.