We continue to work on creating a positive school climate and providing an enriched experience for each of our students. Policies and procedures have been updated based on experience and feedback from the previous year; schedules have been expanded to include extra P.E. for our older students and all classes will be making visits to our new Innovation Lab! Under wraps, and in progress, is a new Makerspace in our primary hallway; to be unveiled during the first quarter! Our after school activity choices continue to increase; and we look forward to sharing these with our students.

While we continue to make KINDNESS a priority in our day, our new theme and focus for the year is TRUSTWORTHINESS! Developing our students through involvement, leadership, and service is being fostered by new programs that we will be putting into place for the school year. Our Student Ambassadors, Student Council, and NJHS collaborate as our SRS Student Leadership Team.  This leadership team drives our service and community spirit efforts, working with their peers, and giving voice to the student body as they become an integral part of the decisions about future programs and other initiatives in our school.

There is growing research demonstrating that students perform better academically, socially, and emotionally when they are meaningfully engaged, contributing members of a school. As adults, we often think we are the architects of a school’s culture, but we sometimes underestimate the influence and impact our students have on their school community; especially when they are trusted and involved in school climate improvement efforts. To support our students in becoming active members of our school, so that they may positively impact our school environment, we must look at the contributions of all students. So in addition to the opportunities that will be made available to our middle schoolers; our intermediate grades and yes, even our youngest community members, will be given the chance to take their place in leading our school efforts!

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams

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