The Buddy program sets St. Rose School apart.   We pair upper grade students with younger students for a variety of activities including service outreaches, school events, Friday masses and other significant happenings.  The beauty of the Buddy program is that younger students look up to older students and older students take on the responsibility of being role models. Buddies wave to each other in the halls, support each other on special occasions like First Communion and Confirmation and are invested in each other’s well being.  The Buddy program underscores the powerful dynamic of being part of a Preschool - 8th grade school environment.  

Traditions are an integral part of St. Rose School life, encouraging school spirit, family bonding, alumni relations, community connections and so much more.  Here are some of our favorite things to do throughout the year:

Newtown Labor Day Parade/St. Rose School themed Float

We kick off the new school year with families getting together to build a float that is part of Newtown’s famous Labor Day parade.  Our Principal and Pastor along with parents and students ride the float wearing the school colors, red and white, and showing great spirit.

Pumpkin Bowl

A friendly game of flag football between the two 8th grade classes. The 7th grade class comes up with cheers, and the rest of the school lines the sidelines wearing their chosen team's colors.  It’s an exciting afternoon for faculty, students and visiting friends.

The 12 Days of Christmas

After the school wide Christmas mass celebration all grades participate in singing the 12 Days of Christmas.  Each class is assigned a day which they excitedly shout as the rounds go on.

Catholic Schools Week

During this time we express all of the benefits of being part of a Catholic School.  We have a spirited pep rally, a breakfast with town leaders and school wide Knowledge Bowl, a day of service including honoring our bus drivers and upper graders leading a story/craft time at the town library and a beautiful school mass.   Our Home & School Association provides treats throughout the week for our teachers.



Christmas Buddy  Bingo

Following the festive song everyone heads back to school for a lively game of Bingo, Buddy style.

Additional traditions:
  • Family Bonfire
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Father-Daughter dance
  • Rock of Ages Family Dance night
  • Grandparents/Special Persons Day
  • Field Day
  • Kindergarten and 8th Grade graduation
Students Cheering
Pig Race for Catholic Schools Week
Bonfire Night