Got groceries? Everyone needs to eat and by purchasing gift cards to local grocery stores to do your food shopping you can make a HUGE difference. 

Here’s the math . . . 

Most stores offer an average 5% rebate to our HSA, so based on one family:

$400/month (that’s $100 a week!) x 12 months = $4800. That’s a $240 rebate per year for ONE FAMILY!

With all 180 families participating . . .$240 x 180 = $43,200!!!!!

Can you IMAGINE what we could do with an extra $43,200 that is not costing anyone anything additionally? 

We are looking to make this number a reality. We have done this by creating a monthly grocery program that is so user friendly everyone would be happy to use it!

First, complete this simple form your bi-weekly or monthly order (which store and how much) and send in with your check. 

We will fulfill the order on the 1st and/or 15th of the month. We will email you on the 7th and 21st (bi-weekly) or 21st (monthly) of the month asking if you’d like your standing order and reminding you to please send in the check.

This is not a ‘binding’ program- we realize some months fluctuate. You are not obligated to use the service every month though it is greatly encouraged and appreciated! We are willing and able to do all the legwork to make this $43k a reality- all we ask of you is to fill out the form, send the check and keep replying ‘yes!’ 

Who is willing to take the plunge and be one of the first members of our Scrip Grocery Program? Please contact The SRS Scrip Team at with questions. We are here to help! 

Let’s do this SRS parents! #onourwayto43k


Scrip website (

Enrollment code: L4FCBD8C9533?

Join us in the SCRIP Program's Lands'End Madness campaign! 

Please consider ordering a gift card to purchase new uniform items. Click here for an easy order form that enables you to do this! All you need to do is fill out how much and send a check! We will be placing an order this Friday, 3/8 so that the gift cards are available in plenty of time to use! They will go home Wednesday, 3/13.