8th Grade Class of 2019 RIB RALLY has Begun!

The 8th grade Class of 2019 has begun a RIB RALLY fundraiser.  They are pre-selling tickets to obtain take out orders at Texas Roadhouse in Danbury, CT.  The event will be March 19th from 4-7 PM when orders can be picked up.

Tickets can be purchased through any 8th grade student, after upcoming masses or by contacting Mrs. Petrillo or Mrs. Quinn.  Tickets are $12 and your pre-purchase order includes:  4 "fall-off-the-bone“ ribs, steak fries, 2 fresh baked rolls, their  famous cinnamon butter and a peanut bag with free appetizer on a future order offer (1 peanut bag/appetizer per order/per family) *no substitutions  Peanut bags are only distributed after first asking customer about allergies at time of pick up.

If you are wishing to purchase tickets, simply send in payment for $12.00 per ticket in an envelope with Mrs. Petrillo's or Mrs. Quinn's name on it.  Tickets will then be sent home with your son or daughter.  Checks should be made payable to St. Rose of Lima School.  Be sure to also include your child's name and homeroom on the envelope.

The Class of 2019 wishes to extend a generous thank you for your support!  Let's get ready to Rally for the 8th grade!