2020-2021 Bus Schedules Available Now

2020-2021 Bus Schedules Available Now
For St. Rose Bus Routes 
The 2020-21 school bus routes are available.

Residents are asked to share issues or concerns with their child’s bus stop location by calling All-Star Transportation at 203-304-9778.

The bus schedules are subject to revision due to enrollment changes such as transfers, address changes, or additional registrations. 

The time printed with each bus route is the approximate time the bus will make its first pickup in the morning. Please do not worry if a bus is late. It generally takes a few days for students to become accustomed to the bus routes and schedules.

Students should be at the appropriate stops 10 minutes before the time listed on the bus route. The stop times can vary 10 minutes either way, depending on traffic, weather, and the number of students riding the bus.

Download the AM Bus Schedule here.

Download the PM bus scedule here.