Our curriculum in grades 6-8 prepares our Middle School students with the skills and tools they will need to succeed in high school and beyond. The Middle School uses a departmentalized model, students have a homeroom and then change classes throughout the day to receive instruction from subject area teachers. Courses are double blocked on specific days of the week to allow for more in-depth understanding and mastery through instruction, application, and personalized learning rotations.

English Language Arts includes literature, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and spelling. Novels are used for literature studies, and form the basis for Passion Projects, Field Trips, and other enrichment opportunities and cross-curricular activities.

Religion meets daily, for one period; with the exception of Friday, when our religion class is a schoolwide mass with the parish community. Our Middle School students lead the liturgy by participating as lectures, altar servers, gift bearers, and choir. In addition, Gospel Values are taught within the religion curriculum and students prepare for Confirmation during the 7th and 8th grade years; including a Saint project, retreats, and sacramental instruction.

A classroom filled with middle school students all hold up a paper plate craft featuring the Greek symbol pi

Foreign language, innovation lab, music, art, and physical education are woven throughout the daily schedule to give students an opportunity to enrich their regular course work through the skills honed in these creative and virtual platforms.

Middle School social studies class

Math, science, and social studies are also offered in double block periods on designated days to provide personalized learning rotations and lab time, in addition to traditional teacher-led instruction.

7 older students in grades 7 and 8 stand at the school entrance ready to welcome visitors

Middle School has a 1:1 device structure; all students use school issued Chromebooks and have Google accounts to access the Google suite of tools, which are used throughout their day in all classes.

Image shows the Class of 2022 Hat Toss at graduation