Our curriculum in grades 3-5 builds upon the foundation started in grades K-2; grade 3 sees the shift from learning to read to reading to learn. Novels are added to the anthologies used in the intermediate grades for reading instruction; and independent reading at and above grade level is encouraged through classroom libraries. Core subjects of English language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and religion are enriched by the creative arts and innovation lab. Students are instructed in music, art, physical education, Spanish; as well as STEM and other hands-on and computer based activities in the innovation lab. Fourth and Fifth graders participate in Geography Bees, Spelling Bees, and Invention Convention at the school, regional, and state levels. Grades 3-5 join the school community in celebrating mass every Friday; and lead the liturgy through lecturing, altar serving, offertory, and choir.

Cheerleaders pose in their uniforms in a classroom in the school
A 5th grade student smiles from a face-shaped hole in a poster board which is decorated with a drawing and information about Harriet Tubman

Grades 3-5 begin a transition from the self-contained classroom environment to a limited departmentalized structure; which helps bridge their primary years to their middle school years. Teachers use block scheduling for ELA and Math to facilitate the personalized learning model, which includes online work, using the Edmentum Exact Path and the Google Suite of tools on Chromebooks.