The art program provides students the opportunity to work on a variety of integrated curriculum projects that introduce and refine skills in painting, sculpting, pottery, sketching, pastels, oils and modern art while focusing on thematic core classroom instruction. Upper grade students engage in research projects to further their knowledge of the art and history world. The “piece de resistance” is an end-of-year juried Art Show at which all students’ best works are featured, celebrated and judged. Upper grade students are also provided a one-year course in art graphics which integrates their art knowledge base with technology skills and other core curriculum skills to create graphic design products.


Students at St. Rose of Lima School are introduced, taught and engaged in basic music processes that allow them to understand and enjoy music throughout their lifetime. Students are taught a curriculum aligned with the National Music Standards as developed by the National Association of Music Educators and the Connecticut State Standards for Arts Education.

World Languages


Students are introduced to songs, prayers, basic greetings, identify colors and shapes, use numbers to 10, identifying objects in the classroom, and talk about foods, the family, pets and community. Writing and speaking skills are built throughout the academic years to prepare students for high school Spanish II. Grammar concepts introduced at the middle school level include Spanish noun/adjective agreement, pronouns, definite and indefinite articles and present tense regular and irregular verb conjugation.

Drama Program

The drama program offers many opportunities for students at all grade level to participate in theatrical production. After school theater programs are offered for lower grades in the Fall and for upper grades in the Spring. In addition, students in the upper grades perform a Shakespeare play as well learn and produce classroom drama skits and oratory presentations that relate to core subject learning skills.

Photo of the student cast from the musical Godspell

Instilling and nurturing an appreciation of the fine arts and culture is the goal of our art, music and language programs. We offer additional learning of world culture and history through school events that include International Week and religious celebrations.