"St. Rose fosters a positive learning environment where our children have felt supported, have had the opportunity to thrive, and have developed a strong sense of service, respect, and responsibility. The Kindergarten through 8th grade environment gives older students an opportunity to develop leadership skills as “buddies” or mentors to their younger peers, and it gives our younger students role models to look up to and to emulate. What sets our school apart, however, is the community of selfless families who care so deeply about our school and who dedicate themselves to its success. We have loved our time at St. Rose School. As our time at the school sunsets, we come away with children who are on a pathway to success, a close knit group of friendships that will last a lifetime."

Isabel A.–Parent

“I can say with confidence that the teachers at St. Rose do an excellent job preparing students for high school. They have a strong academic program and numerous after school activities. Students learn effective time management skills, and the importance of developing independence in the middle school years. Staff and administration effectively communicate with parents and students; emails are always answered in a timely manner. Lastly, St. Rose School has a wonderful sense of community! I have found the students in the school to be very inclusive and respectful. My children look forward to going to school."

Elesa M. –Parent

I’m so happy we found St. Rose! My 4 children attended another catholic school in our area for a few years, but that school was restructuring, so we visited St. Rose and immediately chose to enroll all 4 of our children. St. Rose is a true gem! While our last school was good, it doesn’t even come close to the caliber of St. Rose. If you’re looking for a place that truly focuses on the children and promotes learning in a fun, supportive environment, look no further! I was worried about the change with my fourth grader, but he didn’t miss a beat. He looks forward to going every single day! The faculty at St. Rose is amazing; the curriculum is excellent; the extracurricular activities are plentiful, and the other families are a true blessing. My first grader and my pre-K kids (3 and 4) have also excelled this year and truly enjoy going to school. Joining this school community was one of the best decisions we have ever made!!“   

Liz E.–Parent

"Being a graduate of Catholic schools, I envisioned my children obtaining the same foundations in Catholic school education that I had received. When I toured St. Rose of Lima School, I was not only impressed with the warm environment, but also the number of clubs and extracurriculars such as Chess, Mock Trial, Math Club,  Flag Football . . . to name just a few.  Being a Blue Ribbon of Excellence in Education also impressed me.   The Administration, Faculty and families at St. Rose welcomed my family with open arms.  My children have hard working, dedicated teachers who give so much of their time, support and love to each one of them.  The school is under the leadership and guidance of a phenomenal Administration as well as our beloved, devoted pastor, Monsignor Weiss.   We are beyond blessed and grateful for all that St. Rose School has done and continues to do for our family and for all of the families who are part of this community.” 

Mrs. Erin Nordt  –Parent

"The St. Rose Preschool program was the best program for our boys; they learned at their own pace and were very successful in all aspects of education, including growing in their respect for others and their love for God."               

- Michael and Elizabeth Keenan, Parents

Keenan Family


"We moved our 3 children from a local public school to Saint Rose 2 years ago when they were 12, 10 and 6.  We had been searching for a better alternative for a while, but it wasn’t until I spoke to a Saint Rose parent that we decided to consider this school.  We brought our children on a tour and I knew right away that I wanted our children to move here and continue their education in this loving and nurturing faith-based environment.  The only question in my mind was, how will we convince our middle school children to switch schools when in their opinion their previous school was “ok”? After a few weeks of speaking to more parents and students and some divine intervention, we were able to convince our children to give this school a try and I’m happy to say that we never looked back.  Although there was definitely some transition period, two years later, we are all happy with our decision and our oldest child actually thanked us for moving him to Saint Rose!  As parents we feel that moving to this school has placed our children and our family on a different path in life and seeing positive changes in our children has been worth the expense and driving every day. There is a Polish proverb saying that, “children are like suitcases – what you take out of them is what you had put in them”, and we love to see the virtues of hard work, respect and community service that are being planted in our children’s minds and hearts.“

Danuta C - Parent

"Programs such as Mock Trial have given my son and daughter insights into real life issues and professions that have made a lasting impact.  The real value for the students is building confidence in public speaking and being able to challenge others’ views; life skills in the making.”

Deirdre T. - Parent

"Service is an important part of life at St. Rose School.  Older students and younger students work together as buddies on school service projects and we are also encouraged to do extra things to help people in need.  I started an after school program called Game Night for K-2 graders.  All of the proceeds were donated to organizations in the community.  It feels nice to give back."

Julia C. - Alumna (Class of 2019)

"All of my teachers shaped me in some way or another during my time at St. Rose School. Two stand out, however. Mrs. Mary Jo Bokuniewicz — or “Mrs. Bee,” as we called her — made a lasting impression with her warmth and positivity. She was a light in my young life. My second-grade teacher, Mrs. Rita Porado, is the other.  I distinctly remember one assignment in which we had to write a poem. She had a reputation for sternness, so I was floored when she called my poem “phenomenal” aloud upon reading it. That moment inspired me to keep writing. And twelve years later, being an aspiring journalist, I’m still at it! I still write poetry, too.

I definitely felt prepared for high school following my St. Rose education. I found the 8th grade and Freshman year workload fairly similar, so the transition was smooth. I’m definitely glad I attended St. Rose in that regard; its Middle School curriculum consciously seeks to emulate high school rigor. I was in all honors classes my freshman year, and I would see other people even there that had only one or two, if any, years’ worth of experience learning things like grammar or Spanish, for example, whereas I’d been building knowledge on these subjects at St. Rose since Kindergarten."


Gillian R.- Alumna (Class of 2013)

"My 9 year old son joined St. Rose School as a 4th grade student in October 2018. Prior to enrollment, he was in the Newtown public school system. Since joining St. Rose, my son’s scholastic test scores have increased, he is now spiritually engaged and excited to expand his religious beliefs and learnings of Our Lord. He is participating in extracurricular activities more than ever before, and has made new friends and resumed old friendships. My son no longer dreads going to school but embraces each school day with enthusiasm and happiness. He once said to me, “I wish I could go to school on the weekends too!”. This statement coming from a child that only 3 months ago I could barely get out of bed each morning. My son’s homeroom teacher, Mrs. Bokuniewicz, is absolutely amazing. She brings out the best in him and has renewed his excitement for learning again. The students, staff, and leadership are exemplary of our Catholic faith and I am overwhelmed by the love and support and unity this school has shown to me and my son. My only regret is why didn’t I enroll my son sooner. I highly recommend this school and it’s curriculum to any parent and student that are considering enrollment."

Christy S. - Parent